America has a problem. Over the last two decades we have ballooned. We have an obesity rate of almost forty percent. We have become spectators of life rather than participants. This is causing serious health effects. There are nearly 25 million diabetics in America. Diabetes is a disease with devastating consequences. It is the most potent risk factor for heart disease, stroke as well as kidney failure and nerve disease. That’s  bad news! The good news it that it can be treated and in some cases cured simply with diet and exercise. In 2005, I wanted to  bring attention to this problem and raise money for diabetic education. I started an event where I do 10 action sports in one day. I named this “Act Alive.” The event starts with windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge, then skiing and snowboarding on Mt. Hood, waterskiing, barefoot waterskiing, wakeboarding, motocross,cycling, skydiving, and running.

Remember, to feel alive you first have to act it!

                                                   Dr.Tim Hindmarsh

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